The Restoration Project

Empowering war affected women and children in northern Uganda

The Restoration Project seeks to give voice and empowerment to girls in war torn northern Uganda. We do this through two connected avenues.

Girls education

We believe in the potential of educating girls as a means of shifting society in Africa. Our focus is education and vocational training for girls who’ve been subjected to sexual violence or excluded from school due to poverty or child pregnancy.

Maternal and child health

We provide safe births and antenatal care for young girls and women at an affordable cost.

The School of Restoration

The School of Restoration is our founder Alice Achan’s story. The story of one Ugandan woman who has given hope to hundreds of female victims of war and violence.

It is a beautifully written account in Alice’s unstated voice. A compelling story of hope, forgiveness, redemption and the human capacity to survive and even thrive against the backdrop of war and chaos.

Royalties from the purchase of the book will go to furthering The Restoration Project.