Social Protection

Social Protection within communities

Children are among the most vulnerable in our communities. In northern Uganda, girls as young as fourteen can be left unprotected and fall victim to defilement and rape, often by older men. Girls of this age are often coerced into early marriage, at times polygamous, and can easily find themselves in a violent home.

CCF works to strengthen the protection of children and their rights, to develop child protection strategies, and to provide care for victims exposed to early marriage and sexual violence. CCF lobbies, advocates, and sensitizes members of the local government and communities on the rights of children.

We do this through:

  • Referrals to trauma support, medical treatment and a temporary centre for emergency accommodation
  • Working with local leadership in a program to help prevent early marriage and child abuse
  • Offering an accelerated learning program for girls to resume their studies
  • Working with parents to become healthy role models and encourage dialogue if the children are reintegrated into fractured families
  • Implementing advocacy campaigns through radio programs, public debates, brochures, and booklets