The Restoration Project needs your help to support the most vulnerable girls in northern Uganda to gain an education and/or vocational training.

Quality education in a safe and nurturing environment, whilst also addressing the barriers to preventing equal participation at school, enables girls to reach their potential and equip them to look after themselves, their children, lift up their communities and their countries.

Education scholarships

We are looking to provide 320 scholarships over the next four years. These will be spread across the two girls boarding schools in northern Uganda.

Only $25 a month
Or a one time gift of $300
will enable one vulnerable girl attend school for a year

A one time gift of $1200
will provide a 4 year scholarship to allow her to finish her schooling

Vocational training

We are looking to provide 100 one-year vocational training scholarships each year. Girls will be trained in either hairdressing, catering or tailoring. The scholarship will also include a basic equipment kit to help them get their business started. Providing income creation opportunities, for areas of need in the community, is one of the best ways to keep women safe from exploitation and poverty.

Only $17 a month
or a one time gift of $200
will enable a girl to complete a vocational scholarship and enable them to start their own business.