Labour Of Love

Since its inception in 2002, CCF has made strides in reaching out to the vulnerable people in the districts of Pader, Nwoya, Omoro and Agago through offering Educational, Medical and Social services. The key beneficiaries have by far and large been vulnerable girls, women and children, although an increase in scope is now encompassing the men as well

The Labour of Love initiative was developed by CCF’s Maternal and Child Health program in response to an unacceptably high level of mortality among mothers and babies in Pader District. It’s estimated that for under $50 a mother can be provided with skilled care throughout her pregnancy, during delivery, and in the six months after giving birth.

Under the MCH voucher system, the Labour of Love, a mother makes a small contribution, (less than $2) to buy a voucher that will ensure a safe birth and healthy baby. The program covers the cost of antenatal visits, delivery with a birthing kit, monthly postnatal check-ups, complete immunisation of the baby up to six months, management and referral of complicated and emergency cases.

The specific objectives of this initiative is to achieve the following,

  1. Provide birthing kits to a minimum of 10,000 women within the districts of our jurisdiction by 2021
  2. To donate a minimum of 500 units of blood to the blood bank annually by 2021
  3. To train and equip village health team/workers.
  4. To facilitate referrals of emergency cases.
  5. To facilitate mothers with complications that result from child birth such as Fistula.

CCF is committed to changing the statistics around childbirth in Pader, Nwoya, Omoro and Agago Districts. A newly acquired ambulance is already making a difference: mothers in childbirth are able to be transported from their villages with care on the way, and emergency cases can be referred to larger hospitals in other towns.