I Decide

My Name is Okot Hospar, I am 15 years old, a pupil of Adilang Lalal primary school, and I am a Primary seven candidate. I was elected last year by the Pupils body from my school as the Pupil’s council president. This is  an initiative/of  (l DECIDE) project  being implemented by  CCF Pader  with support from PLAN International to enable adolescent girls and boys aged 10-18 years from Lango and Acholi sub regions be protected against child marriage and empowered to enjoy their sexual reproductive health rights in a violence free society that value girls.

With the training that I got from the Project , through the  project officer on Participatory School Governance ,it enables me to represent the peer in the community, School as well as the project. I have also realised that I have influenced positively the attitude of the community including the local authorities in Adilang Sub County by advocating for the wellbeing of the children and follow up of the school drop outs to ascertain the problems on the ground. To strengthen this move, we are having a monthly meeting s with school administrator to handle the complaint raised by children’s through their council representative and this has created a very friendly relationship between pupil’s parents and the teachers.

During the community dialogue held at Adilang sub-county dated 28/12/2018. I stood up and listed many factors contributing to the high level of teenage pregnancies and child marriage as well as school dropout in Adilang sub-county, among which were the dancing hall which was situated near the sub-county head quarter of which ladies enter for free so long as you have shoes.

During the meeting, LCIII [Mr okwir Mohamed] responded positively and made a commitment to close down the Disco hall immediately. This comes with change of attitude as a result of the advocacy against the practice of early child marriage and pregnancies.

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