Fighting Violence against Women:

Case Stories On Two Girls At Nwoya Girls’ SS


Alimo-can Franka

I Am Alimo-can Franka, a child mother of eighteen years old.My parents are both alive but divorced and remarried to new partners each more than 13 years back after producing five of us. I led a life full of thorns before I finally joined Nwoya Girls Academy (NGA). After successfully passing my PLE in 2012, I joined St. Mary’s College Lacor for my high school with the financial support from my maternal Uncle. At Senior three, I dropped out of school when my benefactor could no longer support my school fee. Two years later, I decided to elope and concubine with a man with whom I produced a baby girl. I suffered mistreatment of violence in the hand of this man, prompting my mother to take me back home. It is at this point that I joined Nwoya Girls Academy to resume my high school education. Joining NGA is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me! Besides normal school curriculum, I am learnt leadership skills and became a student leader. I am now the current head girl of the school. I have also acquired skills in leading prayer and administering the word of the Lord, games and sports and how to build relations with others at the school.

For now, my main focus is academics. I very much motivated by looking up to educated women who hold big positions in society, they are my role models. I am working on building my self-confidence, and academic discipline. In future, I am looking forward to becoming a nurse and I science subjects are my focus.


Apwoyo-can Susan

My name is Apwoyo-can Susan, I am 16 years old in senior two class at Nwoya Girls’ Secondary School. I come from Te-okono village, Corom Parish, Koch-Goma sub-county in Nwoya district.I live with my father and step mother. My mother and father divorced, leaving the three of us in the hand of my father and my step mother. The other two apart from me are my two brothers. My step Mother mistreated us, making life difficult at home. I am excited to be a student of Nwoya Girls Academy. All through my Primary education, I walked long distance between home and school. My village had very few government schools with poor facility including teaching. I recall that I had to borrow notes from pupils who studied in better schools during holidays. As a young girl, I had no one to see as my role model as very few women were educated in my village.

Joining NGA totally gave me a new experience in life. I am in a comfortable boarding school, a cool environment that I am enjoying for my studies. I have also met many ladies who are educated and are great people. I admire our head teacher who is a lady and the other female teachers. I am ambitious and would want to be like them. I am working hard to become a veterinary doctor in future.

For the time that I have spent in this school, I have learnt to overcome my shyness and speak well before my fellow students. I also able to say personal prayers, and collectively

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