Emergency Referrals

A Record Of Success Of Our Medical Outreaches In Nwoya And Omoro

Referrals are continually facilitated in the two districts of Nwoya and Omoro.

Referral cases which we have handled in the last quarter have mostly been due to prolonged labour, neonatal sepsis, Post-partum haemorrhage, severe anaemia, and severe malaria.

All the referred cases were successfully managed.

Pictures showing the referral cases handled in Nwoya and Omoro District

The picture above is of a mother who was referred from Latoro HCII in Nwoya District due to prolonged labour to Anaka Hospital. She underwent an emergency caesarean section and a baby boy was born Besides her is the attendant who thanked so much the effort of the health workers and above all the Organisation for the support offered i.e. the ambulance that made it easy for them to reach the referral site within the shortest time.

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