How To Donate

CCF is dedicated, transparent, accountable, and effective. Your investment WILL get to our beneficiaries!

You can make online donations for CCF by clicking here on the DONATE NOW button

For in-kind donations contact:

In Uganda:

Alice Achan, Co-founder and Director or

 Phone (256) 772551430 or (256) 392823220

In The Us

Veronica Guzman, Volunteer

Phone (1) 202-459-1929

In Australia

Philippa Tyndale

Phone (61) 412-254-365

Our Immediate Needs

School Projects.

We have two academies -Pader Girls Academy in Pader District & Nwoya Girls Academy in Nwoya District. The Academies comprise of a Vocational, Secondary, Nursery and Day Care Sections.

You can help us by donating towards

  1. Construction of additional classes at Nwoya Girl’s Academy.
  2. Instructional Materials and Textbooks.
  3. Science Laboratory equipment
  4. Laptops.
  5. Capacity development of the teaching staff.
  6. Can volunteer to offer teaching for a given time as part of an exposure program.


We have established a Health Centre (11) in Pader District, we are running  medical outreach programs both in Pader & Nwoya.

You can help us by donating towards

  1. Labour of Love Initiative
  2. Equipment and machines
  3. Medical Supplies
  4. Capacity development of the medical personnel
  5. Can volunteer to work at the Health Centre or get involved in the outreach programs for a given period in time.

Sponsorship Program:

• US $ 200: Cover a child mother’s vocational skills training for 1 year

• US $350: Cover a child’s school fees and materials for 1 year

Health Care Program:

• US $50: Provide medical care to a mother and child (one visit to the doctor)

• US $15: Help an HIV-AIDS positive mother or child receive treatment in a month

Livelihood Program:

• US $ 100: Provide supplementary feeding to 10 babies in a month

• US $ 200: Help a family start a small-scale business