CCF is a grassroots, locally led organisation, dedicated to being transparent, accountable, and effective. Your investment will get directly to women and children is desperate need. Please consider making a gift today…

Empower girls through education

$25 a month or a
$300 one-time gift will enable one vulnerable girl attend school for a year

$1,200 gift will provide a 4-year education scholarship to allow her to finish her schooling

$17 a month or a
$200 one-time gift will provide a 1-year vocational scholarship and help a vulnerable girl start her own business

Save the lives of Mums & Babies

$15 will provide a birthing kit

$50 will provide a Labour of Love voucher giving a mum access to a safe birth and antenatal care

$65 will provide a birthing kit and a Labour of Love voucher

$75 will provide an emergency ambulance trip with skilled staff to the closest operating theatre (minimum one hour away)

Immediate Needs

Girls’ Education

We have two boarding schools for girls in northern Uganda. These are Pader Girls Academy in Pader District, and Nwoya Girls Academy in Nwoya District. The schools include Vocational, Secondary, Nursery and Day Care Sections.

Each year girls drop out due to poverty, inequality and child marriage and pregnancy. We need financial support to keep girls in school.

Academic scholarships: The cost of each girl for studies and board is AUD $300 per annum ($25 per month). To see one student through to Senior 4, we hope to have a four year commitment for each girl to ensure they can complete their schooling.

100 vocational scholarships: AUD $200 ($17 per month) supports one girl to receive a vocational scholarship across a one year period. Due to war, and ongoing poverty, a number of girls did not finish primary school and are therefore ineligible to continue to secondary school. CCF has a vibrant program to teach tailoring skills, hospitality and hairdressing so the girls have a livelihood when they leave. Girls will go back into their communities able to start their own business or with marketable skills to be employed along with the basic tools for their trade.

We also need:

  • Capacity development for teaching staff
  • Community outreach and education to help keep girls in school and to help prevent child marriage

Maternal and Child Health

The CCF Maternal and Child Health Clinic (MCH) opened in 2017, in response to a desperate need for the care of pregnant women, the safe delivery of babies and health care for children under five years. A mobile Maternal and Child Health clinic operates in Nwoya District.

Pader District has been ranked in the bottom 20 of 122 districts in Uganda for its poor health services. The MCH clinic services a population of 300,000, through a team of midwives (rostered around the clock to ensure 24 hour care for women in labour), a medical officer, a comprehensive nurse, two laboratory technicians and a number of ancillary workers.

To continue providing these vital services we need:

Labour of Love

Mortality rates for mother and child are unacceptably high in northern Uganda. Most of these cases could be prevented with access to healthcare. Less than 50% of births have a skilled attendant present and have any antenatal or post-natal care.

Labour of Love aims to provide birthing kits to 10,000 Northern Ugandan women by 2021 and provide sponsorship for 500 births annually under the voucher system where women contribute $2, usually all they can afford, towards accessing maternal healthcare valued at $50.

Operating costs

It costs A$20,000 each month to run this life saving service, the only of it’s kind in this community. We are seeking partners who would commit to helping keep the service running with an ongoing commitment to operating costs.

We also need:

  • Equipment and medical supplies
  • Capacity development of medical personnel
  • In the future we hope to build a blood bank, a separate ward for newborn babies to protect them from disease and an operating theatre as there is no staffed operating theatre in the district and lives are lost by having to transport women needing caesarean sections at least an hour away to the closest theatre.