Girls' Education will Change the World

Girls education will change the world

  • When girls are educated they lift up their families, their communities and their countries.
  • Studies show that outcomes for health, number of children, early marriage and level of income improve for each year a girl stays in school.
  • Every single extra year of a girl’s education reduces the mortality rate of her children. Educated girls have lower rates maternal mortality and are more likely to immunize their children. They are also less likely to contract malaria and HIV.
  • An educated woman is less likely to be a victim of domestic abuse and less likely to be married as a child.
  • If and when she chooses to become a mother, she is more likely to have healthier children who receive more education.

The statistics in Uganda

  • 50% of girls aged 15-24 are illiterate
  • 4/5 do not attend high school
  • 40% are married before the age of 18 – 68% in northern Uganda
  • 35% drop out of school due to marriage, 23% due to pregnancy
  • Teen pregnancy rates are among the highest in the world
  • Poverty is the major contributing factor to lack of schooling. Girls are expected to work to increase the family income. Girls can marry in exchange for a dowry.
  • Shame and stigma around menstruation can prevent adolescent girls from attending school
  • When women are precluded from education and therefore position of influence and power then the systemic issues facing women and girls in all income brackets will likely not progress.